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This explanation is structured in the following way:


If you are serious about getting into the real estate sales big league you must have a plan.

When you subscribe, your own personal custom online system is set up. It will monitor your progress, prompt you to take action and control your activities for 60 business days, approximately 12 weeks . You will be issued you own password access.

This system will send you an e-mail each business day for approximately 12 weeks with:             

  • Tasks to be carried out

  • Instructions on how to do these tasks

  • Video support for these tasks

  • Templates to print and use where required

  • You will record the outcomes into your dedicated online area.

You nominate each day if it is a business day and as long as you have completed the tasks to that point a new e-mail and support links will be sent. Thus the accountability is provided on a daily basis.              

The system will lead you through all the key aspects to become a professional salesperson.     

The system will also give you friendly accountability via an online dashboard that is custom designed for you. This dashboard shows your progress for the duration of the system.      

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approach is so effective.