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We are a Business Consulting Practice based in Sydney. We commenced in 1997 and have specialised in building Business Operating Systems that generate more profits with less stress through smooth operation and applying a great deal of thinking to improving operational methods.

We have worked with over 140 businesses in over 40 industries. We have had extensive involvement in the Real Estate industry since our commencement. We have presented at national Real Estate conferences, worked in offices , developed expansion strategies and implemented them, run workshops, developed procedures, mentored staff in all real estate roles - from the principal and across all departments, assisted with acquisitions and mergers and everything else associated with building a successful Australasian agency.

Over the past few years we have noticed that there is a vast array of real estate training but little in the way of systemised approaches for salespeople. A Real Estate Sales person is essentially a Business within a business. The agency provides resources and support but the agent is where the success happens or not.

We were invited to “Train “ a sales team a few years ago. After research we started training the way everyone else does – on the topics. At the end of that year we realised that we were not applying our business development methods and basic development principles in attempting to help this sales team.

The lightbulb went on!

So we set about creating a system to take a rookie salesperson to excellence. We realised afterwards that many experienced sales people can further excel with the application of a systemised approach.

The system was developed in a paper workbook based format and we started getting good results from those agents who were following the system. It has been refined and modified as we learn more, but we are confident that we can now supply a ground breaking innovative approach that will pay enormous dividends to salespeople who follow the steps.

We have a vast network of clients, but prefer to think of them more as the friends we are just lucky enough to work with each day – life is too short for anything less!


Wayne Hughes Bcom LLB. LREA

Since 1997 Wayne has provided systems solutions to over 140 businesses. Using the knowledge from his background in accounting, law, global ad agencies, strata management and direct marketing companies he has a command of all the aspects of designing business models that are stable and profitable and systemising a business.

This passion to create systems has also fuelled the creation of the detailed but simple Agency building process that is now benefiting the members of Ultimate Agency.

Wayne brings a very logical approach to any situation that uncovers direction and solution. Link this to the materials in the Ultimate Agency system and clarity meets your future.

Catherine Wilson Bcom

In any successful business there is a focal point of support that just makes it all happen. Catherine is always thinking. She creates solutions before you even knew there was a required next step. Having recently worked trough her degree in business and marketing she is now an expert in all aspects of the marketing and database applications within our business.

Catherine is multi skilled and enjoys the video editing that supports so many of our systems with instructions and the recordings of our online group meetings.

Always quick to help and efficient in the extreme, Catherine is also a great resource and help for our clients. She does not “hide in the back office room” but always manages to get through everything and also support our member Agencies.

Prashant Dongare

Prashant heads our software team. With Mangesh and others he works the programming magic.

We throw concepts, diagrams, layouts and spreadsheets at this team and they turn them into amazing web based tools and systems that are ground breaking for Real Estate Agencies. No other Agencies have anything remotely like this series of tools.

It has taken 5 years for Prashant to work with us to bring all this awesome stuff together but there has never been anything yet that their combined brilliance has not been able to figure how to create in webspace and make work for our members.

Prashant never says no to a challenge and always delivers which is why we value him being on the team so highly.


If it’s on the planet, Nic can map it.

We searched the globe for a “map guy” and since we have found Nic we’ve never looked back. He creates specialist maps that link into our formula for residential prospecting in a way that gives clarity about results and direction.

Michael Doe

James worked with us many years back and then decided to take off with a van and a surfboard. The good news is that he is back (also with a fiancé).

James is a visionary artist. He takes words and concepts and creates aesthetic masterpieces in the form of web pages and graphic layouts.