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A: Access to the entire system including the creation of your own personal website where you record your business progress is free for Agents. Sorry, there is a catch. This system is completely designed to be part of our overall Agency system. You can see details of that at

If you are an Individual Agent – give us a quick call (Wayne 0419 70 70 22) to find out more about how we can get direct access for you.

The success of your career is too important to skip lightly - so as tempted as you are to skip on now take a couple of minutes and make the call – it will be one of the best things you do this year.

A: Some people need a key to the gym and others need a personal trainer. Most realise that when they have the key to the gym they eventually could do much better with a personal trainer and it’s worth the price to get one.

Realistically, We found some years ago when we launched the first version of this material, that sales agents would not invest in their own training – they expected it to be part of what their Agency gave them.

We already work with highly successful Agencies so we just linked the whole lot together. Your whole Agency can become super successful by being in our network (we have franchise and independent offices in the group). So just put us in contact with your principal and let’s get all your sales team and the entire Agency to elite level.

More details available at

A: This is a system, not a marketing technique. As long as you have more than 2500 homes in the area you are working and they have people living in them the system will work. The demographics, average home prices, turnover rates and other factors all have impact on real estate sales and earning capacity but the fundamentals of developing your sales career are the same across the board.

A: Sure. Just give us a call and we’ll set a time to do a zoom call with you. We will show you everything in the system. How it sets up a specific website for each Agent and what is inside each of those sites.

We will also show you why and together build unbeatable Agencies and Sales Agents. Call anytime to chat (Wayne 0419 70 70 22)

A: 3 Reasons:

1. A system beats random activity every time - just ask McDonalds or Henry Ford.

2. The system overcomes the "Sales Wave Factor"

3. It is quicker (and hence more profitable for you) to tap into a system than it is to try and invent or develop one by yourself. The system exists - just use it to generate more commissions.

A: It is the phenomenon that many sales people get constrained by. When you get listings you get too busy to prospect. So your activity and income comes in waves. It’s a killer to sustained high earnings for you and your Agency.

The system is really designed to get you as quickly as possible to the point where much of your work is coming from referrals.

Without a system this takes years. With a system we can speed it up significantly.

If you are in desperate need of quick sales we cannot guarantee that result, but no method can.

We still adhere to the basic premise that you are better adhering to a pre-thought-out method than just random disjointed activities, blind faith and panic.

The system will have you working your possible sources of listings in just a few days.

A: Because we are not trainers alone (there are already plenty of those). We are a unique blend of consultants who specialize in developing the systems that make Agencies run. We have been building Agencies since 1997 and involved with high profile Agencies and Agents. We bring all this knowledge together to build your role as an agent from the perspective of “you as a business” not just throwing a bunch of skill sets at you. (and we are not “ravers” or “motivational speakers” throwing Hype around that dissolves as soon as the speech ends). You need a system and that’s what we deliver.

We have not just put together a bunch of training topics that teach skills alone. Sure, we incorporate selling instruction in the system but it is far more than that.

The order that delivery to you is structured is also carefully considered so you do the prerequisite tasks in the right order to build results as quickly as possible.

While it is great to learn sales techniques, they are irrelevant until you have some listings to sell.

Becoming a successful Agent is actually quite a complex task – which is why so many fail, so don’t take shortcuts here – let’s do it correctly so you score the big win.

A: The system works with you. It delivers bite sized chunks to you daily. It keeps helping you a bit at a time in a way that all those other things can never do.

We understand Sales Agents (we have worked with them for years). They want fast results and have very short attention spans, so our system accepts that and is built to work within those boundaries.

The process is designed so you get drip fed at a speed that is manageable but gets results.

All the components are short and punchy. The videos are less than 2 minutes each- there are lots of them but they get to the point quickly.

A: For most agents it is.

The system sends you an email every day, early in the morning. You simply nominate if today is a work day or a day off (whatever day of the week that day happens to be).

If it is a day off the system will wish you a happy day and com back tomorrow with another early morning "Gidday"

A: We know you are busy so we've designed the system to take around 15 minutes a day.

Of course the time you spend doing your prospecting activities is on top of that , but that's all its going to take to get yourself systemised.