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If you are serious about a career in Real Estate Sales then this is the site for you.

There is much training for Real Estate Agents but what is presented here is a system to take a person from a start in Real Estate to a successful sales career.

By the time you have completed this process, you will
have systems in place for:

  • prospecting
  • marketing
  • time management
  • record keeping
  • goal setting
  • planning
  • financial reporting and analysis
  • prospect and client management
  • communication
  • property pricing
  • questioning
  • promoting yourself
  • presenting
  • strategic alliance partners
  • life balance
  • and more

View this video for more details
on why this systemised
approach is so effective.

What’s in it for a Sales person?

  • A structured and systemised approach
  • More money faster
  • A complete pathway to a successful sales career
  • Affordable and value

What’s in it for the Agency?

  • Sales people productive ASAP
  • Reduces ramp-up time and cost
  • Maximises generation of revenue to the agency
  • Reduces other Agency staff time in training
  • A consistent approach to development of salespeople within the agency